I am owner of a minecraft server and my players can open their inventories but cannot modify them in any way

i am the owner of xCraft, and when a player tries to open his/her inventory they can open it but they can't take objects out of it or modify them in any way, instead me and other OPs can.

Sometimes these errors appear in the console [NoCheatPlus] Off primary thread call to hasByPass for INVENTORY_OPEN See earlier in this log, search for -> log once id=295964898 PAC: (Player name) failed Inventory check [VL: 1] [Ping: 137] [Info: missing packet]

List of plugins that i'm using:

AsyncWorldEditInjector AsyncWorldEdit AuthMe-5.3.2 Autorank-4.0.7 Broadcaster-v1.2.3 Chairs ChatEx ChatWithStaff Clearlag CoreProtect_2.14.2 EasySetSpawn EssentialsX-2.0.1 GriefPrevention GUIBanner HolographicDisplays icJukebox-v1.6.3 iDisguise Lockdown MapLoader NoCheatPlus NoteBlockAPI-1.9.0 OpenInv PAC PermissionsEx-1.23.4 ProtocolLib ProVanish-1.3.0 Reloader RSCommandSigns SEARCH ServerListPlus-3.4.8-Universal Tablist TeleportationTools TopLite TrollCommandsPlusPlus-5.27.52 Vault viabackwards-all-2.3.1 ViaRewind-1.3.3 ViaRewind Legacy Support-1.3.1 ViaVersion-1.3.0 worldedit-bukkit-

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!