Excel: Taking in information from a range of cells within dozens of files following a naming convention

I work in construction, and we have a form for all material purchases for the project. We're using some fancy software to handle our procurement, but for whatever reason, it cannot handle all of the data that I'd prefer to input into it.

All of these purchase requests have the same starting characters, "RFQXX" at the start of their title. The characters will all vary in the title after the "RFQXX" bit. A new, modified file is made to be absorbed into our fancy construction software that I'm not allowed to mess with. It deletes the data I want to record.

All of the forms start writing out the data I want at the same point, but they do not all end at the same point. However, they all have a common "stop" cellat the end that will always be the same. (For the purposes of this question, let's just assume that the "Stop" cell just says "END").

What I'd like to do is place all of the "RFQXX" files into the same folder, then write a macro that can scan through all of those files (probably in alphabetical order) and pull out all of the data between the "START" and "END" cells, and put it into a master file to track all of this. I have absolutely no idea how to do this.