Font-awesome icons not working

I don't know why whenever i use an icon from and integrate it into my html my browser( google chrome) shows a flashing question mark in place of the icon. Any solutions?


The flashing icon issue has been solved, but there's a new issue.

I don't know why whenever i use an icon from it doesn't show at all in my browser. Here's the code i used in my markup.

<i class="fab fa-mizuni"></i>

And also the script i'm using to call it from my system

<script src="Assets/svg-with-js/js/fontawesome.js"></script>

but it works when i use a cdn.

Any help?

2 answers

  • answered 2018-03-13 20:46 colde

    If you are simply copy and pasting the icons from the site, that is not enough. Make sure you actually add their javascript to your site, and use the HTML tags. Check the network tab in the Google Chrome developer tools, and verify that it is actually loading the fontawesome js/css.

  • answered 2018-03-13 20:46 Xhynk

    The flashing question mark means you're not using the appropriate selector or the font isn't loaded appropriately. Note that there is now a prefix difference between different icons, it's not all fa anymore.

    Read about the new prefixes here.

    Check out this CodePen:

    It shows the old fa prefix (flashing ?/!) and the new and appropriate fab (FontAwesome Brand) prefix.

    If you're updating from an old 4.x version of FontAwesome, read the Upgrade Doc here:

    According to the update in your Question, Assets/svg-with-js/js/fontawesome.js doesn't exist, and your path needs to be changed (possibly just adding a / before Assets). However, I strongly urge you to use the default FontAwesome CDN ( - rarely is there a great reason to package it in yourself.