Use Nette form with material design

I've recently bought angular theme ( which I would like to use with PHP Nette framework. Everything goes well with text inputs and buttons by manual rendering. But I got stuck with select element. It should look like this:

<md-select ng-model="someVal" name="priority" placeholder="Zvolte prioritu">
     <md-option value="1">Urgent</md-option>
     <md-option value="2">Vysoká</md-option>
     <md-option value="3">Střední</md-option>
     <md-option value="4">Nízká</md-option>

but Nette renders it as basic <select>. I could render select with <md-select n:name="">, but there is problem with rendering options. Is there any way how to manually render <option> as I did with select and whole form, or can I use my own template for that form, or please, someone knows, how to make this work? Thank you!