Could microservices be a replacement for MAF (managed addon framework)

I'm working on a project with a requirement similar to add-ons (for reporting, the requirement is to add change remove etc.. reports in form of dll's while the main application is still running).

While researching for a solution I found the MAF which is part of .Net, but I found on some Q&A's that it's not popular (and this the reason why it will not be part of .net core! Open Q&A: .NET panel at 57:25) and not recommended for small teams, also that it's not maintained and didn't get any updates for a long time.

So my question is if Microservices architecture can be a solution for this, can a service be added dynamically, or changed while the main service is still running, and if so, which framework would be best for this.

Another point: In the report Dll's we're using RazorLight to render cshtml templates, and other nuget packages (Dapper...), in order to be able to run the dll from main service even though the main sevrice doesn't have a reference to this nuget packages, i need to run the dll in a separate AppDomain, Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.