Hide Tabs in NativeScript TabView

I'm using Nativescript with Typescript/Angular and, for both iOS and Android, I'd like to hide the navigation tabs completely without losing the swipe functionality between the tabs.

I'm open to other suggestions to gain the same functionality without the tab navigation menu.

The closest answer I could find was this: NativeScript How to hide tab buttons from TabView

However, this answer didn't work. It caused the entire page to go white and none of the tab items appeared. It seemed as though the swipe functionality ceases to function as well.

Any ideas?

This is inside the html (not xml) file:

<TabView id="mainTab" selectedIndex="1">
    <StackLayout *tabItem="{ title: 'Tab 1' }">
    <StackLayout *tabItem="{ title: 'Tab 2' }">
    <StackLayout *tabItem="{ title: 'Tab 3' }">

Example page with the tabs I want to hide