Pyspark custom accumulators

I was trying to run this program as an example of custom accumulators in pyspark. I am getting the error 'int is not iterable'. I cannot resolve this. Can someone please help me with this.

import findspark
from pyspark import AccumulatorParam, SparkContext
sc = SparkContext('local','local')

rdd = sc.parallelize(xrange(10))

class SAP(AccumulatorParam):
    def zero(self, initialValue):
        return s
    def addInPlace(self, v1, v2):

        return v1.union(v2)

ids_seen = sc.accumulator(0, SAP())
def inc(x):
    global ids_seen
    ids_seen += x
    return x


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  • answered 2018-04-14 14:34 user9613318

    In terms of types addInPlace is (R, R) => R and zero is (R) => R.

    The initial value should be of the same type as the type you expect in the accumulator so you have to initialize Accumulator with set:

    ids_seen = sc.accumulator(set(), SAP())


    ids_seen = sc.accumulator({0}, SAP())

    and zero should be:

    def zero(self, initialValue):
        return initialValue.copy()

    Finally inc should add a set:

    def inc(x):
        global ids_seen
        ids_seen += {x}
        return x