JSlider Label is not completely visible (java)

I have made a player that can display few steps with different images.

Under this player I have added a JSlider, to jump to every step. It should have labels for the first and last steps. I managed by setting my own LabelTable for the JSlider. It works very well for numbers under 100. But numbers with three or more digits get are cut off.

See the bottom-right corner of this image. Step 438 is not completely visible:


Is it posible to get the last (step)label completely visible?

I have allready tried: - set the (max, min, preffered) size of the slider - get the JLabel over getLabelTable and set the location (a few pixels to the left) of the JLabel, but it is always (0,0).

The JSlider uses the SynthSliderUI.

Thank you! ;)