Actors WCF Service - Client code using WCF

I have a Actor Service which uses WCF.

 [assembly: WcfActorRemotingProvider(RemotingListener = RemotingListener.V2Listener, RemotingClient = RemotingClient.V2Client)]
namespace Player.Interfaces
    /// <summary>
    /// This interface defines the methods exposed by an actor.
    /// Clients use this interface to interact with the actor that implements it.
    /// </summary>
    public interface IPlayer : IActor
        Task<bool> JoinGameAsync(ActorId gameId, string playerName);
        Task<bool> MakeMoveAsync(ActorId gameId, int x, int y);

Using Service Remoting V2, I can write client code and access the methods

var player1 = ActorProxy.Create(new ActorId("Player 1"), "fabric:/ActorWCFApplication");

How do I achieve the same using WcfActorRemotingClientFactory or WCF?

var wcfRemotingClient = new WcfActorRemotingClientFactory(WcfUtility.CreateTcpClientBinding(), null, servicePartitionResolver: partitionResolver);

Any code snippet for WCF client code for Actor?