Multi channel mulriorganisation hyperledger fabric

I am doing an electronic health record Hyperledger fabric network. Suppose my network has two hospitals and these hospitals need to share information like patient info etc with each other and register on the ledger. I have created three channel channel1 having peers of hospital1 and channel2 having peers of hospital2 and another channel that having peers of both organization. So that information like employees details etc won't be save on another organisations peers. Is my setup correct or do I need to make changes? and how can I share patient records to hospital2.

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  • answered 2018-04-17 04:18 Philippe Labalette

    Under the technical aspect, you are right. Only the channel 3 will provide a common "data sharing". Under the architecture aspect, what would be the purpose of the channels 1 and 2? The data will be written and read by only 1 organisation (1 hospital). So a more "classical" database would do the job.

    If you want to share patient data between both hospitals, you will need to install a chaincode on all the peers of channel 3, then instantiate it. In this chaincode, you should have an invoke function, which put new patient key/value in the ledger.