Best Approach for implementing Factory Pattern

I'm writing some code for managing subscription of multiple schemas in my class project in Java. These schemas are exactly identical (i.e the attributes/variables are the same across all only some values for those attributes are different. These values are static and known) For eg:

schema A has subscriptionId:1 and subscriptionName:Schema123
schema B has subscriptionId:2 and subscriptionName:Schema124   

The values of the individual schemas are used to create a subscriptionObject. My end goal is to get a list of subscriptionObject.

The way I approached to this is by creating a BaseSchema class which has a constructor and getter setter methods for the attributes. It also has a createSubscription method that returns a subscriptionObject which has all the required fields. Snippet of my code

public class BaseSubscriptionSchema {

protected int subscriptionId, port;

protected String ip, name;

 BaseSubscriptionSchema(String ip, int port, int subscriptionId, String name){

public SubscriptionObject createSubscriptionSchema(){
    SubscriptionObject subscriptionObject = new SubscriptionObject();
    returns subscriptionObject;

I have child schemas which have constructor and they call super. There isn't a specific functionality that the individual schemas implement differently. Their only job is to create subscription object which is already there in base schema. I've added a snippet for SchemaA but there are multiple such schemas.

public class SchemaA extends BaseSubscriptionSchema {

SchemaA(String ip, int port, int subscriptionId, String name){

I'm considering creating a SubscriptionFactory class that has a function getAllSubscriptions() which will return list of subscriptionObjects for all schemas known and a getSubscriptions(List of schema names) which will return a list of subscription object for the schemas asked. I'm not sure if this is the best way to approach or the problem. And if it is I'm confused on how to implement the getAllSubscriptions and getSubscriptions method in the SubscriptionFactory class. The reason being I'll have to first figure out how to store the mapping of susbcriptionId and schemaName to a particular schema and how will SubscriptionFactory class generate objects for every schemas by passing required parameters so that the object can be used eventually create the subcscriptionObject for a particular schema.