How to pause/resume ProgressBar.js?

I am using ProgressBar.js for a Pomodoro clock project and I can't figure how to pause it and keep the progress bar paused a the current value, and resume it from where it left.

I've been reading the doc of the library (, but I'm not able to figure it out.

Here is a javascript example:

var clicked = 0;

    function myFunction(){
      clicked ++
    if (clicked % 2 === 1){
    var progressCircle = new ProgressBar.Circle(circus, {
      strokeWidth: 3,
      duration: 30000,
      color: '#21abe9',
      trailColor: '#f4f4f4',
      trailWidth: 1,
      svgStyle: null,



Here is the codepen:

My almost finished Pomodoro clock can be seen here:

Thank you!