Change vegan::adonis class to lm?

I am running a perm-manova using the adonis2 function in vegan package. I have a significant interaction in my model, so would like to perform tukey-adjusted comparisons for the interaction using the lsmeans package.

However, while lsmeans accepts many model classes, it does not accept the class of the adonis object ([1] "anova.cca" "anova" "data.frame").

Is there a way I can coerce my adonis object to an lm, aov, manova object (or any other class accepted by lsmeans) so that I can use this function? Thank you



man<-adonis2(dune ~ Management*A1, data = dune.env)

lsmeans(man,pairwise ~ Management:A1,adjust="tukey")

Error in ref.grid(object = list(Df = c(3, 1, 3, 12), SumOfSqs = c(1.46859175179317,  : 
  Can't handle an object of class  “anova.cca” 
 Use help("models", package = "lsmeans") for information on supported models.