Disable wild cart import in intellij android studio in kotlin

I want to turn off wild cart import in java class import.

For example if I am importing java.util package's any class then it will import whole java package like java.util.*. So how can I stop in android studio 3.1.1.

Here is screenshot from my problem.

enter image description here

I just used only two classes form this package named Locale and Calendar. But still I have to import whole package so want to stop importing whole package and just import on this two class default.

Also tried this reference link but not working for me : https://stackoverflow.com/a/3348855/5697244

Note: I am using kotlin language as development.

Thanks in advance!

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  • answered 2018-04-17 05:08 Alexey Romanov

    Look under Settings -> Code Style -> Kotlin -> Packages to Use Import with '*' (note, Kotlin, not Java as in the linked question). I've just checked and it does include java.util.* at my machine and I didn't edit it before.