Telnet to one computer from multiple computer

I have scenario where I have list of 100s of server . Want to check whether those all server can reach to specified destination server or not by telneting from all server to that destination server.

I have written a code as below,

#bash to check telnet status.
#set -x;
SetParam() {
export URLFILE="Host_PortFile.txt"
export TIME=`date +%d-%m-%Y_%H.%M.%S`
export port=80
export STATUS_UP=`echo -e "\E[32m[ RUNNING ]\E[0m"`
export STATUS_DOWN=`echo -e "\E[31m[ DOWN ]\E[0m"`
export MAIL_TO="admin(at)techpaste(dot)com"
export SHELL_LOG="`basename $0`.log"

Telnet_Status() {


cat $URLFILE | while read next

server=`echo $next | cut -d : -f1`
port=`echo $next | awk -F":" '{print $2}'`

TELNETCOUNT=`sleep 5 | telnet $server $port | grep -v "Connection refused" | grep "Connected to" | grep -v grep | wc -l`

if [ $TELNETCOUNT -eq 1 ] ; then

echo -e "$TIME : Port $port of URL http://$server:$port/ is \E[32m[ OPEN ]\E[0m";
echo -e "$TIME : Port $port of URL http://$server:$port/ is \E[31m[ NOT OPEN ]\E[0m";
echo -e "$TIME : Port $port of URL http://$server:$port/ is NOT OPEN" | mailx -s "Port $port of URL $server:$port/ is DOWN!!!" $MAIL_TO;

Main() {
Main | tee -a $SHELL_LOG

My Host_PortFile.txt file looks like,

But here, i need to go to individual server and has to run this which consumes more time. Is there any modification I can do so that I can run the script from one machine to read all source server name from text file or any and can check that server can reach the destination server or not? Can anyone suggest on this please?