Fetch Data from JSON Using RMI in Key value pair

We are developing a service for our portal / web client developed using JSF. here wanna fetch JSON data using RMI in key value Pair and show these data into Swing table after that it will be shown and/or printed.

Yes we can print through website but it's quality was poor so and when tried to go with desktop application its quality is good.

So now how can i show my data

{"projectDTOs":[{"projectId":"1","projectName":"ICT Enabled (EMIS)","projectDescription":"ICT Enabled (EMIS) ","createdBy":"2","createdDate":"03-Dec-16","modifiedBy":"2","modifiedDate":"04-Dec-16","active":"true"},{"projectId":"2","projectName":"123","projectDescription":"123","createdBy":"4","createdDate":"03-Jul-17","modifiedBy":"4","modifiedDate":"03-Jul-17","active":"true"}]

this JSON Data into Swing ??